All summertours

We offer different kind of activities in Lapland and with our activities we focus on your excperience as our guest, it is possible to customize a package of different activities.

Hiking Tours

A daytour to find an ‘unfindable’ location or multiple day hikingtours thru the mountains. It is going to be an adventure!

Northern Light Tour

When summer is ending the daylight shortens and it is possible to see the Northern Lights again.


We are searching for collaborations with (fly)fishing clubs who want to experience fishing trips. We like to talk to you! we have beautiful rivers and lakes in the neighbourhood.

Berry picking

Each year the locations for picking berries differ, we can organise a great day out were we show you the best places to pick berries. Of course there will be time for coffee and tea in nature.


A huskytour is mostly associated with wintertime and cold weather. Now you can experience a summer huskytour under the midnight sun!

For the little one’s

A special gps tour that is set out in the neighbourhood. During the route the little one’s get a surprise in the form of a treat, a field full of berries or one of natures wonders to learn from (such as an antpile, a mushroom or animal tracks).

Gps Tours

Do you want to explore on your own and want to find that ‘unfindable’ location, that is possible! We provide you with a preset gps.

Rent a Tipi

Rent a Tipi and explore Lapland the way you want it. No planning to keep and free to go where you want, that makes it an adventure!