Snowshoe walking

Snowshoe walking in Lapland

Snowshoe walking

Snowshoe walking in Lapland has a certain peacefulness, the sounds of the crisp snow, the wind through the trees and enjoying the scenery!  On snowshoes you can discover places that normally stays hidden in wintertime such as the snowcovered forrests and big frozen lakes or just some small forrest trail that normally stays hidden. During the day we have enough breaks for having coffee or tea or just for making great photographs.

Here in Lapland it is very possible to walk an entire day on snowshoes and see no one else, for people who love peace and nature this means happiness!

About snowshoe walking

Een auto of motor rijbewijs is verplicht voor het besturen van een sneeuwscooter. En zelfs dan krijg je voor vertrket een grondige uitleg over de werking van de sneeuwscooter. De gids rijdt voorop, zo kun je extra genieten van de omgeving.

Tijdens de sneeuwscootertochten wordt er goed opgelet of de groep compleet is. Tussendoor wordt voldoende gestopt voor het maken van foto’s. Ook wordt een pauze ingelast bij een wildernishut voor het houden van een pauze en koffie of thee van een vuurtje.

About the tour

Our shortest tour is about 2,5 hours but can be shortened if needed. The longest tour can be several days. In between we have several options regarding duration and distance. If interested please fill in the questionform on the webpage.

Our goal for the snowshoe tours are to see nicest landscapes of the surroundings, to enjoy the silence, discover the fresh animal tracks and maybe see moose! During the tour we have enough time for making pictures or video愀 and for coffee / tea or something to eat with longer tours.

Multiple day tours are custom made and the duration and intensity can be decided in a mutual agreement. The choices are sleeping in a (unheated) tent, a warmed tipi, a trail hut (often with a woodburner) or a combination of afore mentioned during a longer tour.
We can choose to do the multiple day tour in another part of Lapland.

We organise the snowshoe tours for guests of Lapland Stuga & Tours and for guests staying elsewhere and want to participate in this fine activity.
We offer snowshoetours on location and consider the whole of Lapland as our working area!

The snowshoe tours differ in intensity, the shorter trips are not difficult or hard and are suitable for hikers with a normal physical condition. The longer tours are physically and mentally more demanding and are suitable for those with a good physical, and mental condition. Determination is sometimes needed for when the going gets tough.

This tours will only be organised after a first contact by video call to talk about the tour, the experience and the needed physical condition.


  • Snowshoes
  • Walking sticks
  • Tea or coffee

Multiple day tours

  • Breakfast, lunch, diner
  • Snowshoes, walking sticks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Air matrasses
  • Goggles
  • Snacks
  • Hats / caps / clothing
  • Mittens
  • Backpacks