Snowmobile tours in Lapland

Experience a snowmobiletour with Lapland Stuga & Tours



We have several options for a snowmobiletour. Starting at about 40 kilometers up to multiple day tours. During this tours you will experience the beautiful nature in and around Rentjärn. We will drive trough big forrests and over wide open area’s.
During the activities we will have a break to make coffee over an open fire, and there will be enough time to make pictures.

About the snowmobile tour

Before driving a  snowmobile a thorough explanaition about the workings and the traffic rules  will be given. A (normal) drivers license is needed to drive the snowmobile. The guide will drive in front of the small group and will check up regularly with everyone.

There will be a break in the tour for having a coffee made over open fire.  If the wheather is not cooperating we can choose to go to a wildernis hut and have the break there.

Even in the shortest tour we have a diversity of trails and landscapes, we can stop for pictures during the tour.

About the tour

With this tour you will drive over the highest mountain of Västerbotten! This drive is about 40 kilometers and the time it takes depends on the snowconditions and the condtions of the trails. With good trails and good wheater it would take aproximately three hours including a break. We will stop at a great viewpoints for making coffee over an open fire.

Length: 30-40km

This tour takes us through snowcovered forrests and over big frozen lakes. The drive will be aproxximately 70 kilometers and this will take a big part of the day. With good conditions and good trails it would be about 6-7 hour drive including multiple stops. We will stop at a wilderness cabin for having coffee and we can choose where we have lunch, it could just be on an Island in a big lake. During the day we will stop for photo´s at the most beautiful viewpoints.

Lengte: 50-80km

This tour is about 150 kilometers depending on the trails and the weather conditions. We leave early at first light of the day. During the day you will experience the best what a snowmobile tour can offer. We drive over frozen rivers, big lakes, hills and through big forrests. Because this is a long trip and it will only work if there is some degree of experience therefore we offer this tour if you drove at least one other snowmobile tour with Lapland Stuga & Tours.
This tour will be driven in march untill the beginning of april because of the longer daylight.

Length: 110-150km

Just to go to a beautiful location for making pictures of the stars, the moon or for having a evening fika (coffe with something sweet) with a fire.  We use the snowmobile in this tour more for transportation, we don’t have to drive far from Rentjärn for making great night sky pictures. This tour will last about two hours.