Summer Huskytours

Experience a unique summer huskytour in Lapland

Summer Huskytour

A Huskytour is mostly assiociated with the winter and the cold. What if you could experience this under the midnight sun?! We offer this activity in collaboration with a professional hyskytour company. You will take a seat in a buggy and drive over deserted gravel roads, sit back and enjoy the awesome strenght of the husky’s.

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Summer Husky Tours

From july we offer huskytours under the night sky. When it’s not to warm (husky’s don’t like that) there is the possibility to enjoy a summernight huskytour. Take a seat i a buggy and let yourself be driven thru the great nature of Lapland.

De endless forrest roads and deserted logging roads are perfect for a unique experience! During the tour you will enjoy the midnight scenery and the beautiful light that comes with the evening sun. With some luck you can even spot a moose!

This activity is special in a way, the weather and the temperature dictates the start of the tour. The dogs can’t handle high temperatures in combination with physical effort. Therefore we arange this tour when you are staying with us, weather predictions can be made a few days ahead and the best day can be chosen to book this activity.

The surroundings

The accommodation is situated in a small village called Rentjärn in the middle of forests and near beautiful lakes. You can enjoy the outdoors were you can hike, fish, swim and much more. Staying with us will give you a chance to relax and explore the beautiful nature of Lapland!