Northernlight tours

Experience the magical Northernlights in Lapland

Northernlight tours

The Northernlights are a magnificent phenomenom that can be seen in our area regurarly. We will walk or drive to the best locations for spotting the Nothern lights. There will be plenty of time for making pictures and in the mean time we will have a warm drink by the fire.

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Northernlight tour

Here in Rentjärn we see the Northernlights regularly. It has to be a dark and clear night. With those conditions there is a good probability to see the northern lights.
If those conditions occur we can go outside to a nice location where we can wonder ourselves over this beautiful phenomenon. (camera and tripod not included).
When there is a good chance for the northernlights but if it is to cloudy in Rentjärn we can choose to go by car to a location where the skies are clearer. This can be a one hour drive to the north (or longer), this depends on how big the wish is to see Northernlights.

Ask us for the possibilities, we like to organise something special!

How does the Northernlights get predicted?

The Northernlights gets predicted in Kp index. This is an index that translates the outburst of solar flares and the inteferrence of earths magnetic field into a number.
The higher the Kp index the more chance for seeiing the Norhternlights. The numbers go from 1 to 9 and a few days in advance these predictions get more accurate. An exemple, with Kp 9 the Northernlights will be visible in the Southern parts of Europe, here in Lapland this will be a spectacle!
But we have seen the Northernlights with a prediction of Kp 2 equally important is to have a clear sky.

Photographing the Northernlights

It is recommended to investigate wich settings are needed for photographing the Northernlights and if it is possible with the camera you have. Another evenly important aspect is having a tripod with you, the shutterspeed stays open for a longer time and therefore pictures taken without a tripod would give a unfocused result.

The surroundings

Our accommodation is located in the small village of Rentjärn in the middle of the forrests and besides a big lake. You can enjoy the outdoor life here with walking on snowshoes, driving a snowmobile skiing and lots of other activities. After being outside all day you can enjoy yourself in our cozy cabin.