Hiking Tours in Lapland

Guided hiking tours in Lapland. We offer a variety of routes at different locations.

Guided Hikes

Imagine having one of our guided hiking tours in Lapland…. You wake up in your tent. It is early but you are looking forward to the rest of the day. You open up the tent and smell the fresh air, look at that view!! Mountains, rivers and lakes and maybe even a bit of snow here and there. That is how a typical morning looks like with a guided hike.

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Multiple day hike with overnighters in a tent

During our guided hiking tours in Lapland we offer beautyful routes that does not have to be physicaly demanding. Routes can be custimized to distance and time. We like the routes with mountains, rivers and old forrests.
The groupsize will be a maximum of 4 persons, the result is a more personal experience. Before the tour is taking place we will talk thru all the wishes and expectations, it is going to be your tour!

Ask us for the possibilities via the contactform.


  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • air matras
  • stove
  • pans and cutlery


  • backpack

Daytour Hike

There are many beautiful places to find in the region such as a hidden canyon, a beautiful waterfall with ice cold water or kristal clear lakes. We can guide you to these locations so that you just have to enjoy nature.
The hikes will be a tailered to your needs, you even decide the walking tempo!

For more questions please fill in the contact form.

Gps Tours

Do you want to explore on your own and still want to find the hidden scenery’s, that is also possible. We rent out a gps with pre-coordinated routes so you wont have to get lost.
If you are still a bit scared to go into nature alone, we rent out gps trackers as well. This device uses a sattelite signal so there is no cellphone signal needed, that way we will certainly know to find you!

The routes differ in length and physical effort, the goal for the daytours is a relaxed hike with enough time for pictures, coffee brakes and time for enjoying the surroundings.

The Surroundings

The accommodation is situated in a small village called Rentjärn in the middle of forests and near beautiful lakes. You can enjoy the outdoors were you can hike, fish, swim and much more. Staying with us will give you a chance to relax and explore the beautiful nature of Lapland!


In Scandinavia there is the “allemänsrätten” it is the right to roam freely!

This right gives people the opporunity to roam the country, forrests and mountains. There are a few restrictions. Don’t stay to close to houses, don’t demolish nature or property and don’t leave anything behind (except nice memories!).