A warm and comfortable place to experience Lapland

The accommodations

Lapland Stuga & Tours has three cozy cabins available (named stuga in the Swedish Language). Two of the cabins have a combined livingroom / bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. One accommodation has an extra bedroom and that stuga can be used by four persons. Basically the cabins have all you need after a long day out.
The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary cutlery, tableware, oven, coffee machine and kettle, the kitchen also has a nice dining table. There is enough closet space for clothes, suitcases or bags. Our goal is to offer a cozy place that feels like home after a long day in nature.

  • I.v.m lunch tijdens tours


The Cabins

Lapland Stuga & Tours has three cozy cabins available.

Two of the cabins has a area of 45m² and one cabin is 55m². Al the cabins have an own combined livingroom/bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom.

The kitchen has all the necessary cutlery, tableware, oven, watercooker and a coffeemachine. A four person table is placed in the kitchen.

There is enough closet space for bags, suitcases and clothing.

We try to get a cozy style in the cabins that makes you feel at home and were you can relax and enjoy after a long day outside in nature.

Rentjärn is easily reachable with own transportation, from Gotenburg it is a one or two day drive by car. The local roads are beautiful and there are enough possibilities to take a break from driving.

Multiple day fligths arrive on Skelleftea Airport through arlanda Airport. From Skelleftea it is approximately 1,5 hour drive to Lapland Stuga & Tours.
Arvidjaur Airport is also an option but this airport is less frequented from Arlanda airport, from Arvidsjaur it is approximately a 1 hour drive to Rentjärn.

Own transportation
In wintertime it is possible to travel here with your own car, this takes a little more preparation but it is certainly accomplishable.

Rental cars
At the airports are all the bigger car rental companies, you can reserve a car in advance.

Alle huisjes hebben

  • Kookstel
  • Pannen
  • Bestek
  • Borden
  • Douche + Toilet
  • Bed + Beddengoed
  • Kasten voor kleren & koffers
  • Een voordeursleutel

Je moet dus zelf alleen nog maar voor eten en drinken zorgen.


In Zweden neemt men afvalscheiding extreem serieus. Je hebt vier verschillende soorten afval.

  1. Plastic
  2. Glas
  3. Blik
  4. Overige afval (zoals eten)
  5. Container wordt 1 keer per 2 weken leeggehaald

Er zijn drie bakken (onderin het kastje van het aanrecht) waar je het afval in kunt gooien. Eens per week wordt het afval opgehaald. Wanneer dit niet goed is gescheiden wordt de container niet meegenomen. Arbeid voor het scheiden en afvoeren van  het afval wordt van de borg ingehouden.

Zorg dus goed dat al het afval netjes is gescheiden. Dit zullen we uitgebreid doornemen, want dit geldt voor heel Zweden, waar je ook komt in de buurt.

Er ligt ook geen afval op de straten/sneeuw. Wanneer je met de sneeuwscooter weg gaat en je neemt eten mee, zorg dat je een afval zak mee hebt, ook voor het gescheiden afval.

De omgeving

The accommodation is situatated in the small village that is called Rentjärn in the middle of forrests and besides beautiful lakes. You can enjoy the nature of Lapland in several ways like hiking, swimming or watching the northern lights.